While it is impossible for any institution to take on the mammoth task of healing every child in need, Fortis Foundation is committed to treating children with rare disorder and special needs. These children are from marginalised section of the society and their families cannot afford quality healthcare.

The Souls of Fortis Foundation are contributing to wellness of society – one drop at a time. Under this program, we have treated 11 children with special needs and rare disorders. 

Some Special Cases supported by Fortis Foundation
  • Lakshya-special Lives


    Special Lives

    Lakshya, a 2 year old child, suffering from an extremely...

  • Prateeksha

    Special Lives

    Born on 3rd January 2015 in village of Bahraich district in...

  • Yohan

    Special Lives

    Fortis Foundation supported YOHAN,  a 7 year old boy in...

  • Shriya

    Special Lives

    SHRIYA, is a 2 year old girl suffering from Gauchers...