Vedika Singh

Vedika Singh

Vedika Singh

Cleft Lip Surgery
March, 2018

She lives with her father and mother in Gurugram, Haryana. Vedika’s father, Maher Sigh is handicapped and he cannot work and stays at home. Vedika’s mother, Soni Singh works as a sweeper earning 6500 rupees per month and is the single earning member of the family. With her limited income, she takes care of the entire household.

Her parents found out about her cleft lip disorder when her mother was 7 months pregnant on looking at the ultrasound. The doctor informed them that this could be due to issues with absorption of folic acid in both mother’s and child’s bodyAfter birth, Vedika was unable to drink her mother’s milk as it would fall from her nose and she regularly had issues while breathing. A strange sound would come from her nose and mouth whenever she was breathing or sleeping. She also suffered from profuse sweating bouts while she was drinking milk or sleeping.

Since her birth, the family has been looking for support for Vedika’s treatment as with her mother’s income they are unable to afford her treatment. Eventually Soni’s employer advised the family to visit Fortis memorial Research Institute in Gurugram for evaluation. Post evaluation it was found that Vedika required a cleft lip surgery.

In February 2018, Vedika’s Cleft Lip surgery was successfully completed at Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurugram.

Fortis Foundation and Mission Smile supported her surgery.

The surgery was led by Dr Gagan Sabharwal (Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon) and Dr. Rashmi Taneja along with their team, Dr.H.H. Das (Anesthetist) and Dr. Yashika (Coordinator).