Swades Foundation

Founded by Ronnie & Zarina Screwvala, we operate with a single-minded focus of empowering 1 million Rural Indians every 5-6 years. We are bringing together best global practices, corporate thinking and accountability, highest standards of corporate governance to create a model of sustainable development, which is an industry benchmark and replicable at scale. Our vision is to build a model for sustainable and irreversible change by empowering rural communities to become self-dependent, creating rural communities as a strong asset to 21st century India.

Our strategy is to Engage, Empower, Execute and Exit. To engage rural communities with corporates, urban youth, NGOs and governments and empower them to co-execute programs that transform their lives which enables our exit, creating role models and change agents for the rest of the country.

Today the Swades Foundation directly impacts 471,000 rural Indians through 350 full time staff, 1000+ community volunteers and 30 expert partners in water, sanitation, health, education and economic development. Read more about our work at www.swadesfoundation.org