Shakeel Ul Rehman

Shakeel Ul Rehman

TOF + Intra Cardiac Repair
March, 2018

Shakeel Ul Rahman is a 15-year-old boy from Baduab in Jammu and Kashmir. His family found out about his heart defect when he was 2 years old. Shakeel would get tired while playing and walking. Upon conducting an Echocardiographic test, the doctors realized that Shakeel had a hole in his heart. It was very difficult for the family to spare money for his medical expenses.

Shakeel’s father Mohd. Sikander died in 2012. After that the family’s situation deteriorated. Shakeel’s elder brother Arif had to take up a job. He started earning 8000 rupees per month.

The doctor prescribed medication and told the family Shakeel would recover with time. After several years Shakeel started feeling restless again. His brother took him to a hospital in Srinagar and after a detailed evaluation, discovered a Tetralogy of Fallot /ICR for which a surgery was recommended.

Arif found out about Fortis Foundation supporting treatment of children who suffer from Congenital Heart Defects from a friend. He immediately reached out for help.

Shakeel had a successful surgery on 15th March 2018.

Radha Mohan Mehrotra Medical Relief Trust (RMMMRT) along with Fortis Foundation supported the surgery.

Dr. Vijay Agarwal conducted the surgery at Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), Gurugram.