SEWA’s core commitment is to be prepared to supplement government’s efforts in providing medical support during a calamity. Leveraging learning from previous operations, SEWA wishes to create a platform to share and standardise best practices. Its efforts are to develop preparedness for specific disaster relief scenarios and formalise protocols and procedures to handle different disasters. Working with a pool of registered volunteers, it seeks to ensure ready availability of requisite competencies and operating protocols in optimising their involvement in crisis situations.


Having healthcare industry as market leaders amongst our group companies, it makes us uniquely positioned to offer, lead and co-ordinate efforts for disaster relief in such situations. SEWA is the programme vehicle, which helps us meet this objective.

Our key initiatives have been :

      Over 3395 lives reached during the Chennai Floods in 2015.

      Reaching out to over 5000 people affected by the Nepal Earthquake in 2015.

      Over 16000 lives reached during the J & K Floods in 2014.

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