Congenital Heart Defect
March, 2018

Sagar is 7 years old. He mother lives in Chakkarpur, Gurgaon in Haryana. His parents got divorced when he was 2 months old because his father was unable to work and would not take care of him. His mother, Devi, works as a house maid in a few houses near Vasant Kunj.


As a baby, Sagar suffered from recurrent attacks of anoxic speels. He also suffered from coughs, cols and breathing issues. One day he fell unconscious and his mother rushed him to the hospital.  After that he regularly needed the support of oxygen to recover from episodes of cough and cold. Sagar’s mother took him to different hospitals in search of treatment.  At Safdarjung hospital the doctor diagnosed him with a heart defect and gave him medicines saying that hole would heal with time. However, the hole stayed the same size and finally Sagar was advised to go for surgery.

Sagar stayed with his grandparents as his mother was working full time. In January 2018 his condition worsened. Devi brought him to Gurgaon and was seeking options for the treatment of the child since she couldn’t afford the surgery. She mentioned his condition to her employer who stays next to Fortis Hospital in vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Her employer contacted the hospital and was told about Fortis Foundation’s Umeed-Dhadkan initiative that treats children with congenital heart defect.

Sagar was referred to Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurugram and was advised to go for PDA Device Closure.


Sagar is a great performer and loves going to school to play with his friends. He also loves eating bananas and ice-cream.