Riya Kumari

Riya Kumari

Congenital Heart Defect
October, 2017

Riya was born in the slums of Burari, Delhi. She has an elder and younger brother, both of whom are very naughty. Her father, Rajeev works as a daily wage labor. He paints houses and earns 200 rupees per day. There are times when he has no work for a long period of time. He has to support a family of 5, where his wife takes care of the household.

Riya is loved by the entire family and her father sends her to a private school while both her brothers study at a government school nearby. He wants Riya to be educated and not lead a life full of difficulties like he did.

When Riya was 3 months old, she had fever for 15 days. After medical consultation from a doctor at a local Government Hospital she was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect. Her father took her to several hospitals where the doctors assured them that she would get normal after a few years.

However, after a few years, there was no respite in her condition and it went from bad to worse. She was ten years old when she started having panic attacks and she was in pain most of the time.

In this desperate time, a NGO helped the family by introducing them to Fortis Foundation. The Foundation supports surgeries for children from the economically weaker sections who suffer from a Congenital Heart Defect.

Riya continues to recover after her surgery was done at Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) on 5th October 2017.