Congenital Heart Defect
June, 2018

Rajat is a year old. He is an only child. He lives in a joint family along with his grandparents in Jind (Haryana). His father, Manjeet, is a labourer and his mother, Ritu, is a housewife.

Rajat suffered from continuous fever since birth. His mother told the doctor that he cries a lot. He was nt able to feed properly either. His parents took him to the nearest medical centre and after a general examination they were advised to go to child specialist. They went to medical institute and after a detailed ECHO evaluation they found out that Rajat requires surgery as there were two holes in his heart. Rajat’s grandfather works as a driver (on call) with a government t official in Jind. He shared his grandson’s problem with him and was advised to contact Fortis Hospital as he had a BPL card. He came to Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurugram where Rajat underwent detailed ECHO evaluation and it was advised that the child needs heart surgery.

In June 2018, Zainab was brought to Fortis memorial Research Institute in Gurugram. He was successfully treated by Dr. Vijay Agarwal and his team.

His surgery was supported by Fortis Foundation and Radha Mohan Mehrotra Memorial Research Trust.