Raja Gupta

Raja Gupta

Tetralogy of Fallot
January, 2018

Raja was born in Ludhiana in a Government hospital. He stays with his family. His father Lakshmi Gupta is 60 years old. Raja’s elder brother Shatrugan works as a helper in Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana. He earns 8500 rupees per month and is the only earning member. With this he manages his own expenses and takes care of his aged parents as well.

Raja works as a mechanic is a car workshop. He has just started learning the work, so he doesn’t get paid. Two years ago Raja had fever which caused him to turn pale and blue. His nails went brittle and he wasn’t able to walk due to joint pain. His elder brother took him to a clinic nearby where Raja was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). The attending doctor was surprised that Raja did not exhibit any symptoms at an early age. Raja had to undergo blood transfusion at a Government Hospital for 3- 4 years.

Raja’s father says ` I think Raja acquired this disease because he was fixing cars in the workshop where the fumes have made him weak. I will not send my son to work there now’. The doctor explained to his father that Raja had CHD since birth which went undetected.

In 2017 Raja’s health became worse. His elder brother tried to seek help from his colleagues. Someone from the Hospital advised him to visit Rotary Club, Ludhiana.

Rotary Club, Ludhiana along with Fortis Foundation supported Raja’s treatment. Raja’s surgery was done on 17th January 2018. He was successfully treated in Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), Gurugram. His surgery was led by Dr. Vijay Agarwal and his team Dr. Rahul Maria, Dr. Subeeta and Dr. Manish Saxena. (get designations)