Given the fact that health issues are a matter of anxiety and concern to most, and hospitals tend to be intimidating spaces for ordinary people, availability of simple publications that effectively communicate & inform people about basic health, hygiene and nutrition subjects can go a long way in driving preventive health awareness as also allowing for informed consumer choices during illness situations. A better understanding of disease terminology, symptoms and medicine usage norms can also help facilitate better administration of treatment pathways and reducing chances of error and risks.

In collaboration with our partners, SAVERA seeks to create a library of such literature which is simple to understand, in multiple languages and address the literacy and understanding levels of all audiences. While created with medical inputs, the objective it to demystify the content and convert the same into a language and style which ensures clarity in understanding.

This programme feeds the Awareness and Communication Programme.

An illustrated bookfor children on hygiene was produced in 5 languages.

Fortis Foundation CSR Initiatives published in 2 books
Touching Lives –The Economic Times CSR Compendium