Mohd Aasim

Mohd Aasim

March, 2018

2 ½ years old Mohd Aasim was born in a Government hospital in Kashmir. He used to cry continuously, so his family took him to a local doctor when he was 6 days old. The doctor advised the family to visit a pediatrician. After a few tests Aasim was considered to be at high risk and was referred to a doctor at AIIMS, Delhi. Aasims’s father had a severe heart attack and died when he found out about his son’s condition.

The family was distraught and went back to Srinagar. Aasim’s mother Shahina Banu moved back to her parental house after the death of her husband. There was no one else to support Aasim except for his grandfather. A relative informed the family that Rotary Club along with doctors from Fortis Hospital would be organizing a health camp in GB Pant hospital. Aasim was evaluated by Fortis doctors and he was asked to visit Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) in Gurugram.

After an evaluation at the hospital Nikaidoh surgery was advised for Aasim.

He had a successful surgery on 18th March 2018.

Radha Mohan Mehrotra Medical Relief Trust (RMMMRT) along with Fortis Foundation supported the surgery.

Dr. Vijay Agarwal along with his team conducted the surgery.

Aasim’s grandfather says `our child has been given a new lease of life, there is no joy comparable to this’.