Congenital Heart Defect
February, 2017

Manav is a shy child who loves to play indoor games with his siblings. Like most children he is fond of eating chocolates and sweets but also loves eating Dal and Roti.

Every night after returning from a hectic day at work, Manav’s father makes him sit on his lap and tells him stories.

One day Manav turned blue while playing with his siblings. His mother was extremely worried and rushed him to a nearby clinic where he was diagnosed with pneumonia .After a week at the hospital the doctor suggested he get an Echocardiography test where it was found that Manav had a hole in his heart – he was suffering from a heart defect. Manav’s parents were shocked as they thought their child was completely normal and healthy.

It was then that Manav’s mother recollected that about 6 months prior to the echo test Manav showed signs of weakness and would often doze off while playing. Manav’s parents took him to AIIMS for treatment but the long waiting period made them look for other options.

A doctor staying nearby mentioned that Fortis Foundation supports unprivileged children suffering from congenital heart defects. At this point manav was brought to FMRI.

After the medical evaluation, he was operated on 27th December.

Post-surgery Manav is gradually recovering and his parents are extremely happy. His mother says that my child is absolutely fine now and she is hopeful that once he is grown up he will also become a doctor and help bring smiles on other’s faces.