July, 2017

Lalima Kumari is a 3 years old though she appears small for her age. She lives with her parents and grandmother in Champa district of Chhattisgarh. Lalima is an only child and her parents dote on her.

Lalima’s father, Ramesh Kumar Bareth, is a farmer and the only earning member in the family taking care of 3 dependents including his elderly mother.


Lalima was suffering from a continuous cough and breathlessness and her mother, Rajni, took her to the District hospital at Champa. After a check-up, the doctor referred the her to a Higher Centre. They went to KIMS hospital but had no luck with the surgery there as well.  A few relatives suggested visiting Fortis Hospital, Raipur. Lalima came to Fortis hospital where an echo test was done.  She was advised for a VSD Surgery which was completed in July 2017.

Lalima’s mother and father came for her follow-up in August. She was full of life and very happy that the operation was successful.