Congenital Heart Defect
January, 2018

Jayshree is 5 years old. , She was born in Bikaner. She is a jovial child, who loves going to school and hates it when the school is shut for the weekend. She is the class monitor and wants to grow up to become a teacher so that she can teach her mother English. She loves to read her elder sister’s books.

 A few months after she was born, Jayshree started   falling sick. She had pneumonia and a stomach infection after consuming breast milk Her family took  her to a Government hospital, as they saw her  falling sick every second month. The doctor conducted an Echocardiography test and found out that Jayshree was suffering from Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). This is a condition wherein the ductus arteriosus fails to close after birth. Early symptoms are uncommon, but Jayshree’s first year of life included increased and poor weight gain. An uncorrected PDA may lead to congestive heart failure with increasing age.

Jayshree’s father Ashok, works at a jewellery store as an artisan and earns 4000 rupees per month. Her mother, Parwati also earns a small amount by doing stitching and tailoring work at home. Their entire salary goes into meeting the medical expenses of their daughter.

Jayshree consulted a doctor from Fortis Escorts Hospital Jaipur at a health camp being conducted in Bikaner. The doctor asked her to visit the hospital for medical examination. Jayshree underwent a Surgical Closure of PDA on 20th March 2014. After a few years, she again complained of severe joint pain.  Post examination a small residual PDA was discovered which requires correction.

Jayshree was treated for the second time on 15th January at Fortis Escorts Hospital Jaipur. The surgery was supported by Fortis Foundation and Radha Mohan Mehrotra Medical Relief Trust. The surgery was led by Dr. Sanjay Khatri and his team, Dr. …………………..

Jayshree’s mother Parwati was extremely delighted and said `I have never been so relieved. My daughter is the reason why I live. Had I lost her to this disease I would have thought that God doesn’t exist. Now all my prayers have been answered.’