Congenital Heart Defect
May, 2018

Harsh is 3 years old. His mother gave birth to him in a government hospital in Agra. Harsh has one sibling. His father works at the Agha Khan Foundation as an office worker. He is the only earning member in the family and grandparents are also dependent on him.

Three days after his birth, Harsh started having breathing problems. His parents took him to a hospital for checkup, where he was diagnosed with heart problem and advised to get a surgery. Due to financial problems his parents could not go through with the surgery but put him on medication. After some time, his father came to Delhi and showed him in Safdarjung Hospital but the hospital referred them to AIIMS, Delhi.  At AIIMS, the doctor advised them to have a surgery for Harsh but again their financial situation did not allow for the surgery to take place. Finally, after speaking about his situation in office, the Agha Khan Foundation referred Harsh’s case to Fortis Foundation.

Harsh’s surgery was led by Dr. Vijay Agarwal (Chief Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon) and Dr. Swati Gareka (Senior Pediatric Cardiologist) and successfully completed at Fortis memorial Research Institute, gurugram

Fortis Foundation and RMMMRT supported his surgery which took place in May 2018