Cleft Deformities
December, 2017

Hamza was born in Kanpur with a cleft lip and cleft palate. Her upper lip was cut from the middle and there was no palate. She is completely dependent on bottled milk, as she can’t intake milk after being breast fed.  Her father Md. Khaleel is a barber, who has a small shop on the roadside which helps him fetch his daily wage. He earns around 6000 rupees per month, which is only sufficient for running basic household expenses. His mother Noor Bano is a housewife.

Hamza is the youngest of 4 siblings. The elder siblings attend  Anganwadi school. The family took her to a Government Hospital in Kanpur where they were refused treatment since Hamza was too young.

After seeing an advertisement in the local newspaper the family decided to come down to Delhi for a health camp. At the health camp, a doctor from Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) suggested the family to visit the hospital.

Hamza had a successful cleft palate surgery at FMRI on 6th December 2017. She will be going a few more surgeries for cleft lip once she grows up. Now that her palate is repaired her mother is extremely relieved.  Noor Bano explains ` everyone used to call my child ugly, I hope after this surgery people don’t use that word for my daughter again.’