Fortis Foundation

The Fortis Foundation (FF) came into being in the year 2005.

Set up by Malvinder and Shivinder Singh (The Singh Group), the Foundation is constituted as a trust, with Malvinder Singh, Shivinder Singh, Japna Singh and Aditi Singh nominated as the founder trustees.

Operating from its registered office in Connaught Place, the Foundation works in an inclusive manner not only to align and synergise the social enterprise work of the group companies but expand the circle of partnership to include non-governmental organization, other corporates and government departments.

While the Foundation operates through a dedicated team of employees and volunteers, it has been fortunate in having the support and guidance of eminent public and social figures who being associated with the foundation in various aspects of its functioning / programs, have through their advice and counsel, helped shape its thinking and actions.

Designed to operate on a scalable basis, the Foundation's structure segregates the administrative elements of the trust from its program-execution operations. Besides providing and allowing for segregation of authority and control, it allows for enhanced transparency in specific program supervision and accountability.