Our Journey So Far

Disaster Relief in Various Areas


Held Health Camps in Badrinath, Joshimath, Rudraprayag and Gauchar

India has historically been vulnerable to natural disasters like floods, cyclones, earthquakes and landslides. The urgent need in such situations is timely access to emergency medical aid.

SEWA is a program that prepares for intervention in times of need by developing a ready pool of trained volunteers, creating standardized kits / detailing equipment for emergency use and leveraging a network of partnerships. The programs objective is to support efforts in ‘saving lives’ during a disaster.

Program volunteers are trained in First Aid and Basic life-support. This ensures that volunteers going into disaster affected area are equipped to handle the physical and mental traumas of the affected population. In time the objective would be to enhance the training levels for volunteers as also increase the pool, in terms of numbers, location and competency. At present we have more than 500 trained volunteers who are ready to serve at a 24 hour notice.

The Program design also accommodates for an element of preparedness revolving around Disaster Response Protocols, Equipment and Logistics. Project management skills and aligning with partners to combine resources and leverage inherent capabilities help improve impact.