Diksha Pawar

Diksha Pawar

Echocardiography Test
April, 2017

Diksha was born in Mahad, Mumbai in a nuclear family. She stays with her parents,Nisha and Nitin, and her 3 siblings. She has an identical twin and people in her village often get confused between them. Her father has been working in Mumbai for the past 25 years. He is a social worker with a small NGO and earns Rs.11, 000/- per month.With this money he has to feed and take care of the education of his four and his wife.

Diksha loves to sing and is fond of eating Indian sweets. She asks her father to bring home sweets for her every evening.

Finding out about the problem/symptoms

When Diksha was 6 months old, she suddenly started crying and would not stop crying for the entire night. When she finally fellasleep, she had difficulty breathing. At the same time her parents noticed her fingers were often swollen.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Her parents rushed her to a Government hospital where the doctors conducted an Echocardiography test. This is when they found out that their daughter had a Congenital Heart Defect – Nikaidoh with Conduit. Diksha was young so the doctor suggested that the family wait till she was a little older before an operation.

Her father approached Swades Foundation for support as the surgery was too expensive for them to afford. Swades Foundation partners with Fortis Foundation to support the treatment of children suffering from CHD.

Hope/FF statement

Diksha’s mother beams with happiness and says ` now my daughter will be able to lead a healthy and long life. I want her to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer when she grows up’.