PDA Device Closure
March, 2018

9 year old Danista is bubbly and cheerful. She loves reading books and wants to teach her mother how to read and write. Born in Pathankot, Punjab she has always stayed in a conservative environment. However her parents encouraged her to make friends and play her favorite sport - cricket. Her mother Anita says ` neighbors ask her to stop playing cricket with the boys, but we want her to enjoy herself. We don’t think our daughter is less capable than the boys. One day she will make us proud’.

When Danista turned 5, her breathing became irregular and she turned pale. The medical consultation revealed that she has a Congenital Heart Defect.

Danista’s father, Pratap is a daily wage laborer who earns 3000 rupees per month. He also has a series of medical ailments due to which, he is able to work only 15 days in a month. Since the family could not afford the cost of a surgery for Danista, they took help from a social worker.

The social worker referred the case to Fortis Foundation and Radha Mohan Mehrotra Medical Relief Trust (RMMMRT). Immediate support was extended to the family.

Danista had a successful surgery on 22th March 2018.

Dr. Vijay Agarwal conducted the surgery at Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), Gurugram.