Our Journey So Far

Chiranjeevi (School Health Plan)

Affordable healthcare for the masses has emerged as an urgent need of the nation today. The biggest obstacle in the way of widespread health insurance is people’s inability to pay the high premium upfront. This has resulted in the skewed distribution of health insurance and services to those who, irrespective of the insurance have the ability to pay for the cost of medical treatment, while depriving those in need. In order to overcome this paradox, it is important to find new and innovative solutions that ensure that all segments of society are benefited by quality and affordable healthcare. With this in mind Fortis Foundation launched a new initiative for children and teachers with a focus on affordable healthcare

The objective of this programme is to provide a complete Health Assurance Package to students and school staff, and their families at very affordable prices. 1606 students of Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar- Phase-III are members of this scheme in the current year. Out of a total of 1606 students 1434 students have paid the subsidized premium and the rest of the students i.e. 172 who are from the economically weaker sections of society the premium has been paid from the funds of Fortis Charitable Trust.

Our Journey Year: