Archana Gavate

Archana Gavate

2D Echocardiogram
April, 2017

Archana was born in Mumbai in a small village called Palghar in Thane. She lost her father 5 years back, he died due to bad health. After the death of Archana’s father her entire family had to shift back to her mother’s village. She stays with her mother and masi. When Archana comes back from school she helps her mother with farming, as this is their only source of income. The family earns Rs. 2500/- per month. There were days when there is no food to eat and the family plucks fruits to eat from the village.

Finding out about the problem/symptoms

When Archana was 1 year old she started turning pale blue and had long brittle nails. When her parents took her to a Government hospital the doctors suggested a 2D Echocardiogram to her.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Archana was kept at the hospital in observation for 4 days, she was diagnosed with VSD Closure+ AV Repair SOS replacement. The family visited many hospitals for her operation. But due to lack of funds the surgery could not be done

Archana was studying at an Anganwadi where she was learning in a Non – Formal Educational set up. Following the advice of civil doctors and the Anganwadi teachers, Archana’s family came to Mumbai in search of a hospital or a NGO who will would be able to support her surgery. After a long wait Archana was admitted to a Government hospital where she was kept in observation for 10 days and a few medical tests were conducted on her. Unfortunately the doctors suggested the family against a surgery since it would be a high risk case. Through the ASHA program the family approached Fortis Hospital Mulund. The case was referred to Fortis Foundation who decided to support and fund the surgery.

Hope/FF statement

Archana’s mother speaks Marathi and she conveyed her gratitude to Fortis Foundation.