Congenital Heart Defect.
September, 2017

Anuket was born at home, since the family did not have money in the middle of the night to rush his mother to a hospital. Anuket’s father Malkit Singh works as a daily wage laborer and earns 5000 rupees per month to support a family of 5 members. Malkit explains 'it was late at night, I dint have money to take my wife in a taxi. So I asked a neighbor to visit and help with Anuket’s delivery’. The delivery was done with the help of a midwife.'

When Anuket turned 3 his health started deteriorating, he often had mild infection. On medical examination Anuket was detected with a Congenital Heart Defect. His father had to sell some land and borrow money from relatives for Anuket’s proper medical intervention. The doctor from a Government Hospital in Bhatinda put Anuket on medication for one year. There was no improvement in his condition. A nurse at this hospital suggested Malkit to visit Fortis Mohali for better treatment.

Fortis Foundation and Rotary supported the treatment of Anuket. He had two corrective surgeries - the first surgery was held in 2015 and the second one was in September 2017.

Anuket has resumed his school routine now and is getting better everyday.