Adeeba Farooq

Adeeba Farooq

Congenital Heart Defect
October, 2017

Adeeba is a young, bright and bubbly girl. She refuses to leave her mother’s side and follows her everywhere she goes. She is an only child and her parents, Mehjabeen and Farooq Ahmad, love spending time with her. Her father, Farooq has a vegetable shop from which he earns 7000 rupees per month. The family lives as part of a joint family in village Kanipara which is in district Budgam on the outskirts of Srinagar.

40 days after she was born, a doctor suspected that Adeeba was suffering from a Congenital Heart Condition. Her mother tried to feed her, but Adeeba did not intake the breast milk which was being given to her. Adeeba eventually contracted an infection. An Echocardiography test revealed that Adeeba was suffering from a heart ailment. For the past 4 years, Adeeba has often fallen sick due to which she has been hospitalized thrice.

Her father consulted a doctor who suggested the family to contact an organisation - Rotary- A Heartline Project. Rotary in partnership with Fortis Foundation supported the treatment of Adeeba. Her surgery was done on 12th October 2017.

Mehjabeen (Adeeba’s mother) was extremely happy. She said 'I am very scared of sending my child to any public place. She wears a mask all the time to avoid infection. Now my child will be able to live without her mask’.